5 Wellness Benefits of Keeping Your Home Clean

Health and Wellness

What do cleaning and working out have in common? Most people “do not have time” for them. Let’s face it! Cleaning is such a chore and working out is just so tedious. While these statements be true, these two are among life’s necessary evils. Now what about hitting two birds with one stone? It’s a […]

7 Ideas for a Second Floor Home Addition Project

Second floor home addition

A second floor home addition project is great investment for growing families. It’s a great way to utilize and maximize the square footage of a small property while giving everyone a chance to get creative with the addition of new fixtures and appliances. Having a second floor has its many perks. First, it can give great views […]

5 Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks to do After Winter

Winter ravages even the best-maintained houses. Most of the beating caused by fall and the long winter months are reflected on the exteriors of houses. For safety and aesthetic purposes, it is best to deal with exterior home maintenance tasks the first thing after winter. Post-winter Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks There is no better way to welcome spring […]